I love makeup, it transforms me into someone different. I love the art of making up my face. It is like painting a picture -it’s art to me. Are all women transformed by makeup?  You bet they are. I recall Marilyn Monroe saying on Edward R. Murrow’s show Person to Person back in the 50’s, when asked whether people recognize you when you went shopping, she replied ‘Oh no, I don’t wear makeup and no one even noticed who I am.’ I find it fascinating when you see the magazines on the checkout aisle in the supermarket, headlines screaming, ‘Look at these stars without makeup! Shocking!’.

II.   To apply any makeup, first you need you need a good canvas , a smooth canvas to do your “art”. I love the way Ageless Serum by Suzanne Somers makes my skin look prior to beginning  my artwork -makeup. There are other factors of course, such as what and how I eat, my lifestyle, the bio-identical hormones I take, my skin care routine and the supplements. All play a big part in how my skin looks as well, –but the Ageless Serum by Suzanne Somers is where it all begins. If you try one thing, try this serum click  hereSUZANNE Organics Ageless Serum �?? 2.5 Ounce Bonus Size I even used it on my boyfriend and he was amazed how the sea algae softened the wrinkles around his eyes. Best of all, it’s non-toxic and organic.  And so this brings me to the joy of makeup that is actually good for your face, non-toxic, organic makeup that I have found works as well or better than the high-end, chemically laden makeup from the department stores. Once upon a time I would wear department store makeup, too. Actually, I worked as a cosmetic sales girl at a department store for a popular French makeup line. I loved the look of wearing their makeup but didn’t realize how many chemicals were in this very expensive makeup–a mascara that was hard to remove and dried out my eyelashes, filled with artificial colorants and petroleum based ingredients. And their very expensive lipsticks with lead, numerous dyes, which have been banned from the food supply but are still legally used in lipstick, not to mention the dried look at the end of the day on my lips. I can only  imagine how much lead I and other woman ingested on nights when we would wear it then go out to dinner. Ugh. . Those kind of chemical-laden cosmetics are unnecessary. When you think of it, going back to the beginning, when women (and men) first started wearing makeup they most likely  used berries, perhaps leaves, petals of flowers and so on to brighten their lips, cheeks, etc. Then I discovered   makeup made with skin-nurturing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, aloe, argan oil, grape seed oil, bamboo powder, tapioca, rich mineral powders, raspberries, oranges, Vitamin E and more all non-toxic and organic with fabulous colors . These  products are from  Suzanne Somers makeup line click here if you are interested 
 . I use all their makeup products, I especially love the powdered blush or the cream on color stick I use during the winter.

III.      Going back to my days of a cosmetic sales girl, I should tell you, as much as I love makeup, I didn’t last long, I just could not in good conscience push the artificial cleansers and creams they sold. I would tell the customers the truth when they asked what I used to make my skin it is so creamy and get in all kinds of trouble when I would tell them all I was using was plain yogurt and honey for my facials. I would even write it down instructions for how to do it my way. Here’s what I would tell them:
Take three tablespoons of plain organic yogurt and mix with one tablespoon of honey in it. Stir well to make it creamy · Apply to face, neck and decolletage. Relax put your feet up until it hardens, then rinse off and apply your moisturizer   Your skin will appear lighter in complexion, very smooth and soft. This is because the dairy in the yogurt has lactic acid and unglues the dead cells. This is a good method to know in a pinch—and sometimes I still do it when I am out of my organic non-toxic facial creams .



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