Keeping the volume in your face

I want to talk about the virtues of face enhancers. For years I did facial exercises daily. I started doing face exercising when I was about 30 after developing a fascination with how the muscles in our face determine how we looked and how they would age if neglected and even then I noticed a results from exercising especially around my mouth and eyes. The muscles in your face are no different than they are anywhere else in your body and need to be maintained. Then, around the age of 43, I discovered battery operated face enhancers. I found using a machine was easier and faster than doing the exercises and the effects I felt were deeper at least it felt like it. My first was the Connie Stevens “Time Machine”, it was battery operated and designed to send our small electrical impulses to pressure points on the face. The Microcurrents from both the Facemaster and the Time Machine revitalize the muscles in our face, tightening and strengthening the facial muscles that result in a tighter, lifted, youthful appearance, much like when you excersise any muscle of the body


I loved the “Time Machine” but several years ago I switched to Suzanne Somers’ Face Master because the wands could be used around the eyes that really took away any puffiness I had and I found it easier to get to the acupuncture points of the face, which are important to stimulate because they significantly improve blood flow. The facemaster I found in traveling was easier to pack as well. Another upside to the Face Master is the ability to regulate the intensity of the probes, with a little help from the how-to DVD that’s included it’s a cinch to learn exactly how to get the best results. I feel that with the daily use of the facemaster I have given my face volume and not a hollow effect of the aging process.

As an example of its usefulness, I used to do autograph shows around the country. Between the flying, jet lag and long hours at the show, my face, especially around my eyes, would be puffy and swollen . Using the wand for 20 minutes around my eyes had a noticeable impact on my appearance, the puffiness around my eyes would go down and my face seemed refreshed and vibrant.

I could go on but needless to say, this is a product I really believe in, it’s easy to use, effective and even enjoyable. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself follow the link I’ve provided below.






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