Aging -we all do it.

forwix2First, there is nothing wrong in aging. Anything living, breathing ,crawling, swimming, or flying does it. Living forever is not what this is all about. It is about enjoying and learning from the journey that is ours alone. What I hope is that my thoughts and recommendations will help you along in my Helena’s Secret posts.
The wear and tear on the body, like a car, is to be expected as the mileage goes up. The more you use it the more wear and tear, but keeping it well oiled, fine tuned and in good shape is the same with the human body.
So where am I going with this? Well, I find aging to be enjoyable if you have your health, of course, and you look vital and happy etc. and the best part is you have lots of wisdom to go with it. Part of aging is the wisdom you hand down to the next generation and if you are ill or don’t have your mind it will be hard to do that. But it also helps in how you appear on the outside. What inspired me to write something on aging is what happened when I was talking to a woman in her 80’s last month and my age came up and she said, “How come your face it is so smooth, without lines? She asked me twice. So of course I told her what I do both internally and externally for my skin. And thought ok, I do walk my talk so I should post about the benefits of some of the things I do to look healthy and hopefully desirable at 70.
Seventy, you would think it was the end of the world to some people. Let me explain. I am a pinup model which I love, I use my body to make art, although I suppose for some what I do is more sensual or sexual. I never viewed it that way, but I am not a man, so what do I know? Being featured for publicity on a “mature women’s” pinup site the comments where “OMG, no way is she 70″ or “the photo is old, how does she look now?”, or “no one looks like that at 70.” It was like I was an alien or something. To be honest it made me feel like I was not human or not right , and I know a lot of woman my age who look like me. Yes, it takes a lot of discipline but I love feeling really healthy and like being a sexual being. Hey, you have to be healthy to be sexual, and most of all happy, still functioning as a normal human. Oh, don’t get me wrong, if I overdo it, using a body part such as my muscles with an everyday chore I feel it and know to take it easy, or change how I move so as not to reinjure myself.
I remember when I was in my late 20s and lived with my grandmother, I would watch her exercise her legs every morning in bed. She would proudly show me all her bending and stretching and say, “Do you know any 70 year olds who can do this?” She was the best. I learned a lot from her and my mother. It is all how you live from the time you’re young. So I watched what I ate, never drank, although I did on my 70 birthday as one of the “ bucket” things to do. Stupid, never again. I find it makes you talk and talk without watching what you say, and I didn’t like the feeling, not to mention looking crappy the next day, so that is crossed off my bucket list .
I digress as usual– to get back to what I do, –for one thing I use the Facemaster by Suzanne Somers everyday, sometimes twice a day, it works. I used to use Connie Stevens time machine before that, but I find the Facemaster is easier to use, especially around the eyes. I started using these machines when I was 45 years old. Before that I did face exercises. Other things, and there are so many things to retard the aging process, including bio-identical hormones, which are a real game changer. A new way to age-I am sexual, and my skin, my hair, my body are so healthy with youthful energy , an incredible sex drive, strong bones, etc. I recall reading somewhere in a room filled with woman you can tell the woman who is on bio-identical hormones, she is the one looking at any man who walked in the room as the other elderly woman don’t even notice. I am sexual, and my skin, my hair, my body are so healthy and youthful. It takes a good doctor who is trained in using bio- identical hormones see:” –       if you want to find a doctor in your area who is knowledgeable in this subject. I believe being on bio-identicals it has made the aging process easy for me. I am tested every 3 to six months to make sure my hormones are balanced and have been on them since I was 47 years old, to regulate my diminishing hormones going into menopause. So so happy I knew about this when I did and will stay on them till I die, hopefully happy in bed with a young lover.
There are so many other things to help with the aging process to make it a good experience. The food you eat, supplements you take, what kind of food to eat, the list goes on and on. Skin care, the non chemical makeup and body products. You can view some of the products I use posted on my blog here. They are incredible. Just try the Ageless Serum alone and I bet you’ll would be hooked. And it is non-toxic and organic. A good way to get started to try some of non toxic and organic products is Suzanne Somers Subscription box, you get products every month at a flat rate and with a big savings. Follow this link to products and offers.Shop Skincare & Body Care Kits TODAY at Suzanne Somers! Click Here!              to buy the ———-



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