How to get a good tan without the sun and save your skin

Skin does not lose its youthfulness overnight, it happens gradually. There are several ways skin ages. First, there is chronological aging, where the functioning of sweat and oil glands begin to decline, contributing to moisture loss in older skin. The skin also becomes more vulnerable to injury as we age, and it can take longer to heal. You can’t stop the ravages of aging but you can slow the process through proper diet, hormones, and a healthy lifestyle.

Skin also ages through a process known as photo aging, the long-term effects of exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light, which cause mottling and loss of the skin’s elasticity. Too much exposure to the sun during one’s lifetime has other damaging effects on the skin that can make it look older than its years. So where am I going with this? Well, let’s face it you don’t want to look pale year round or worse yet, wear hot and uncomfortable stockings during the dog days of in summer…and you don’t have to. There is a safe and better way to tan your skin. But before we get to that we should talk about another popular form of tanning. It is a no brainier that chemicals sprayed on your skin to make you look like you are tan will absorb into your body . Professional spray tanning products contain a carbohydrate called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA .The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has deemed this ingredient a potential health risk to your lungs when inhaled. The other option, lathering on a self tanner can be harmful as the ingredients and chemicals will be absorbed through the skin. But I found the answer with this product, it nurtures and hydrates your skin while giving you a healthy, gorgeous tan, it’s actually very good for your skin as the ingredients it is made with are organic and non-toxic!! It leaves your skin looking soft and without that orange, fake look. You can try just the tanning serum but I recommend the three pack, 

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 which comes with an exfoliant to use before you apply the serum to help the tanner go on smoothly. The self tanner, along with a nourishing, organic body lotion will keep your skin looking and feeling really supple and smooth. The body lotion is made with organic vanilla beans and fresh orange essential oils to make this yummy scent. This alone is worth the price of all three. Lather on the body lotion after a bath or before bed, it helps your skin repair damage from dryness and stress. Trust me you will never go back to your chemical body lotions.

I apply the tanning lotion after exfoliating my skin. The tanning lotion takes about ten minutes to dry and you are good to go. Once it’s dried it won’t rub off on clothes and smells good. It gives you the color of your skin tone as if you tanned from the sun. If you want to go darker apply again. I did, the next day and I was very happy with the results. You can build a gradual, natural-looking tan that is actually good for your skin. I used it on my other half who does tan when he missed tanning the backs of his legs, after I applied the tanning lotion you could not tell the difference between the “sun” tan and the tanning lotion.

If you want to just try the tanning lotion, which you can buy hereSUZANNE Organics Golden Tanning Serum 
SUZANNE Organics Golden Tanning Serum
—– or if you need a refill for future use of a tan all year round. Being very protective of my skin I love this product, I can look tan without damaging my skin..



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